v 2.1.0 - 26 Mar, 2010, download for mobile phones:jad , jar,
for BlackBerry: jad , cod , cod-1

v 2.1.0 ru - russian language (русский язык), for mobile phones:jad , jar ,
for BlackBerry: jad , cod , cod-1

* Added features:
  • Gradient for buttons, selected items and menus
  • Rounding of corners
  • Shading of forms
  • Switching between forms by using 7 and 9 keys
  • Audio/Video player
  • Audio/Video recorder
  • Left and Right fast acces menus (L,R). Open by using 1 and 3 keys
  • Hold key detection for fast navigation
  • Supporting of Back key for Nokia and SonyEricsson phones
  • Loading pictures by URL

    * Fixed bugs:
  • Corrected some colors in color palettes
  • Keys assignment for BlackBerry phones
  • Traffic overexpenditure in some rare cases

v 2.0.0 - 01 Feb, 2010, download jad, jar

* Added features:
  • Animation in up menu and for all image
  • Resistive touch screen (touchpad) supporting
  • More 30 new avatarts
  • Added large smiles
  • Backgrounds for rooms and private messages /need in server upgrade
  • More 20 colors for messages
  • Socket/http autodetection when chat application start first time
  • New fast engine for Symbian OS v9.X
  • Arabic rotation - correct order of arabic words for Nokia phones
  • Arabic style for all windows
  • Arabic chat order of avatars, nicks, messages (right to left)
  • Downloading graphics and music from server and caching in RMS for traffic reducing
  • High speed cache for frequent used images
  • Resizing rows in menu and chat for different size of images

    * Fixed bugs:
  • Correct showing main menu after get connection error
  • "capture://image" error in process snapshot under camera of Nokia 5200, 5300,... (S40 3rd edtion)
  • Some texts or smiles out of range of private window

v 1.9.2 - 05 Sep, 2009, download jad, jar

* Added features:
  • Hint message about ability to change socket to http if get connection error

    * Fixed bugs:
  • News line duplication
  • News line overlapping users online in right top corner
  • Removed help message about settings for mobile operators of Gergian country

v 1.9.1 - 29 Aug, 2009, download jad, jar

* Added features:
  • Turbo mode (decreased animation, increased speed of screen refreshing for phones with Symbian 9.0+)
  • Socket connection (more fast data exchange with servers)
  • Server push (for socket connection only)
  • Removed progress bar for socket connection
  • Animated smiles in news line
  • Arabic newsline (autodetect direction and ">", "<" simbols in beginning for select direction) /need in server upgrade
  • Users avatars in news line
  • Ability to change color of users nick in chat /need in server upgrade
  • List of servers loaded by server push
  • Increased file uploading and downloading up to 8MB /need in server upgrade

    * Fixed bugs:
  • Memory failure on some Nokia phones (added picture caching)
  • Delay in case some http errors

v 1.0.5 - 20 Jan, 2007, download jad, jar


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