Q(1)  why it is slow chat software in compare  other?

Ans-> In other fast chat software we don’t see or reply of many messages, but in avacs chat we can see message and reply nicely, and if you want fast it just (press * -> settings -> choose turbo off and connection socket) + it has rating system (press 6 -> who in room -> select any nick and press INFO - rating)


Q(2)  How I can on/off avacs sound?

 Ans -> press * -> settings -> sound (on/off)


  Q(3)   How I can change my chat color?

  Ans -> Press 4 -> settings -> color in chat -> you can change color of text here.



Q(4) What is rating?

Ans -> rating is total no. of your messages , per message ur rating will increase one and if you will do fast reply or repeat words than your rating will decrease 2., you will get post according to your rating

        Novice                 ->  0            to  99

        Amateur               ->  99         to    499

        Company-keeper ->  500        to 1999

        Hunter                 ->  2000       to  4999

        Veteran                ->  5000       to  24999

        Elder                    -> 25000      to  99999

        Chat’s long-liver  -> 100000   to  299999

        Neo                      ->  more than 300000   


 Q(5) How I can use smiley?

 Ans -> Every smiley have different codes, just use that codes (press 4 -> Help -> Smiley list -> here you will get all codes, press next button for get more smiley codes)


 Q(6)  How I can change nick or  edit profile?

  Ans  -> Press 4 -> profile -> here you can edit your profile


 Q(7)  How I can move in other room?

  Ans  ->  Press 4 -> Chat rooms -> select room from(By countries and communities OR Public) -> Enter in any room


 Q(8)  How I can add any user in my friend list?

  Ans  -> Select message of you friend -> Press 6 -> Add to contacts book


               Press 6 -> who in room -> Select user and press Info -> Add to contacts book


Q(9)  Where is contact book?

Ans   -> Press 4 -> Community -> Contacts book


Q(10)  How I can upload photo in profile?

  Ans   -> Press 4 -> Profile -> Photo -> select (Make photo or Add from file) , If  this will not work than just visit  http://chat.avacschat.com/  and you can upload your photo by select Menu -> questionnaire


  Q(11) How I can add photo, songs, any file or link to story in the room?

 Ans  -> Press 6 ->  Link to chat -> Select (photo from camera, File from phone, Incoming files or link to story)



 Q(12)  What is crown?

  Ans  -> Crown is a power , crown holders can ban or unban any user(abuser or  fight creator) in the room and they can also turn on/off antiflood , and none can ban crown holders.



 Q(13)  How I can get crown?

  Ans  -> Only room owner can give you crown , so ask to room owner for crown.


 Q(14)  Where I will find room owner?

 Ans   -> Press 6 -> About room -> Owner (check nick name of owner)


Q(15) what is moderator?

Ans  -> crown holders in a room is moderator of room


Q(16) Where I will find room moderators list?

Ans  ->  Press 6 -> About room -> More -> List of moderators.


 Q(17) What is antiflood?

 Ans  -> moderator use antiflood turn on for stop flooding(some users create new fake profile for flooding and abusing), new users who have less than 50 ratings they can’t write in the room after antiflood turn on.



Q(18) How I can ban  bad users?

Ans  -> select message of that user -> press 6 -> Set “Read only” -> yes -> enter reason and press ok


 Q(19) How I can unban users ?

Ans  -> Press 6 -> About room -> More -> In “Read Only” mode -> select user and press Forgive.


  Q(20)  Why I haven’t crown of other room?

  Ans  -> Because you are not moderator there, If you want crown of that room than you must ask for crown to there room owner.


   Q(21)  How I can create room?

   Ans  -> Press 4 -> Chat rooms -> select room from(Public OR  Private) -> Menu ->  Create room -> put here room name and press ok


Q(22) How can I Add and delete moderators in my room?

Ans  -> Press 6 -> About room -> More -> Add moderator -> here select user and add them as moderator.


Q(23) How I can give vote for room?

Ans -> press 4 -> Purse and Services -> Vote for room.


Q(24)  How I can close my private for others?

Ans  -> Press 4 -> Accept private messages -> Accept from contact book only.


Q (25) How I can rename my room?

Ans  ->  Press 4 -> Chat rooms -> Where I am owner -> Select room and press Menu -> Rename room -> here you can rename room



  Q(26)  what is purse and its uses ?

 Ans  -> CLICK HERE for know more about purse and its uses.


 Q(27) How I can play avacs games?

 Ans -> Click here -> for know more about games.


 Q(28)  How can I add newsline?

 Ans  -> by paying purse you can use this facility (Press 4 -> Purse and Services -> Add news Or Post advertisement) -> after that you can add newsline.


  Q(29)  How I can change my private color?

  Ans  -> you can change your private color as black only , and after pay $2 you will get black private color for next 3 days.


  Q(30)  How I can send message to admin?

 Ans  -> press 4 -> help -> Message to admin -> choose question area and send message to admin




 Q(31) How I can search any user?

 Ans  -> Press 4 -> Search -> Put nick there and select search.


 Q(32) How I can check other user Info and check his/her photo?

 Ans  -> Press 6 -> who in room -> select any user and press Info -> here you can check info , status, rating and can check photo.



 Q(33) How can know total no. of users and who is in the room?

 Ans  -> Check upper right side , you will see two color sky blue and pink  , there will be some no. written  in sky blue that no. will be total no. of boys and no. in pink color will be total no. of girls  in the room.


 Q(34) what is room rating?

 Ans  -> Press 6 -> About room -> rating

              Room rating increases 0.001 users per message , and increases 10.0 per vote for room and vote cost is 0.15$, You can check room position in the list by there room ratings , room rating also decreases everyday 10% of  total rating.


  Q(35) How I can check who is in other room list without enter in other room?

Ans  -> Press 4 -> chat rooms -> select category (By countries and communities , public OR private) -> select room and press menu -> Info about room -> you can see here about room (for more info select MORE) -





  Q(36)  what is Administrator,  Merchant and SM ?

  Ans  -> Administrator – Admin is owner of avacs chat live , there is two admin victor and Arsen.

                Merchant - Merchant is also SM and them work is help own country users and provide avacs purse at cheap rate.

                 SM – Super moderator is helper of all users and help admin for development of avacs. And power of Merchant and SM is same.



 Q(37) Who is administrator bot?

 Ans  -> This is just bot and work of  bot is stop flooding by PC , if any user make flooding by PC for increase rating, than Administrator bot ban them for 24 hrs after warning, but user can chat through mobile.


  Q(38)  What is difference between SM and HM ?

 Ans  -> There is no any difference between Super moderator(SM) and Hyper moderator   (HM) , just we can see SM in the list (press 4 -> help -> Super moderators) and HM is Hidden from the list.


Q(39)  Where is Super-moderators list?

Ans  -> press 4 -> help -> Super moderators.


 Q(40)  Where is Merchant list ?

 Ans  -> Press 4 -> Purse and services -> merchants


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